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We are improving your Quality – since 1986

QUIPSY – CAQ Software with system

For over 25 years we are a reliable partner in CAQ software for more than 1200 customers worldwide.

You are able to integrate Quipsy CAQ in your local IT facilities and connect it to existing ERP/PPS or BDE-Systems.

Our CAQ Software is assembled in modules which can be extended anytime according to your needs.
The following modules are part of the CAQ Software:

Quipsy Business Tools

In addition to our CAQ modules we also operate software solutions such as Document Management which does not have to be used in Quality Management only but is also able to work in a stand-alone solution in every area of expertise by request. These are in detail:

Expert Knowledge, Personal Service

QUIPSY® is successfully used for many years in different kinds of industry. Our Heads of Project dispose of great experience and expert knowledge. We attach great importance to firm and personal customer relationships and we always attempt to support our customers optimally. QUIPSY® is used successfully in the following industries:

  • Plastics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal industry
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic
  • Medical Industry

Discover all the possibilities QUIPSY® can offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.