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A story of success for more than 20 years

QUIPSY QUALITY is one of the leading companies in the CAQ sector. More than 1200 customers in all areas of industry and commerce depend on our software and our know-how.

The company was founded in Pforzheim, Germany in 1985 as CDE GmbH. In 2002 the company name was changed to QUIPSY QUALITY, as the QUIPSY CAQ product had become extremely important in the intervening years. It was no accident that the firm was founded in Pforzheim : this region has many top technology companies in the automotive and automobile industry supply sectors. The universities of Karlsruhe, Pforzheim and Stuttgart are not far away. In this environment, QUIPSY QUALITY GmbH & Co. KG develop CAQ products for a wide range of users. Over the years we have gained more than 1200 customers for our products and carried out over
12 000 installations. You gain from our experience!

In October 2007 the company gained a new owner with more than 20 years‘ experience in the plastics, metal and automobile industry and whose aim is to ensure that QUIPSY CAQ software products continue to be developed further, for specific industrial sectors and on an international basis.


Our aim

Software projects in the MES and CAQ environment demand a high degree of engineering talent and technical know-how. The solutions we provide are developed by practical people for practical people. In the forefront is the need for user-friendliness, functionality and uniformity; complex procedures must remain in the background.  Project consultancy, meeting deadlines and after-sales service ensure your continuing satisfaction and our success. You will find us a dependable partner, working for you to provide the latest technical developments and services under fair conditions.



QUIPSY QUALITY has been one of the leading companies in the CAQ sector for more than 20 years. The secret of our success has been and remains a reliable and unchanging business policy. We follow only secure trends which we can put into effect at the right time in our products.

We continuously monitor changes in standards and technical innovations and include these constantly in our software. In this way we at QUIPSY protect your investment and reduce the amount of administration involved, since our products can be integrated in practically any IT infrastructure.

Our consultants and project managers will support you in the introduction of internal and external quality processes and infrastructures. We will work with you on technical projects involving software, from the planning stage through to final installation and we will support you with certifications and audits.