The perfect tool for documenting and calibrating test/inspection equipment

QUIPSY PMÜ has been designed as a module for the comprehensive management of test/inspection equipment.  QUIPSY PMÜ contains test/inspection equipment management, standardised calibration functionality, comprehensive documentation, test/inspection equipment history records and, as an option, the ability to carry out MSA checks.
A high level of user comfort, collective functions and the independent up-dating of detail data make QUIPSY PMÜ easy to use. With independent logging of the costs involved in sourcing, calibration and repair, the module provides all the important data required for monitoring and assessing costs. Records of issuing points and locations are also a standard feature of QUIPSY PMÜ, including the graphic status display of all test/inspection equipment. An integrated SQL-Assistant enables any questions regarding assessments to be set. In addition, QUIPSY PMÜ will provide automatic and electronic data comparison with a calibration laboratory.

The calibration of test/inspection equipment is carried out in accordance with test/inspection plans contained in the system. These can be tailored individually as required. As an option the QUIPSY system also provides so-called calibration modules containing pre-constructed test/inspection plans meeting standard requirements. Of course, test/inspection plans can also be generated manually. This makes it possible to take account of internal factory standards when drawing up test/inspection plans.

Current MSA procedures are available as an option for QUIPSY PMÜ. Close inter-linking between the calibrated test/inspection equipment and the execution of the MSA procedure ensures compliance with all standard regulations and maximum security in the use of the test/inspection equipment. QUIPSY PMÜ is used in the professional environment of test/inspection monitoring and calibration.


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