Professional document management with quick start guarantee!


  • immediately usable through a minimum of training for the users 

  • no changes in your current data structure

  • high data security, user rights

  • all team members work with the same document in the project management, every change is shown to the team automatically, every document version is historicized 

  • automated routing of documents of all kinds of all used systems through workflow – functions, creation of departmental or company-and-cross-group reports

  • illustration of internal decision and approval processes

  • editable, worldwide through intra- and internet web portal

  • old data available in only seconds through professional-search-function

Your advantages

  • immediate and high acceptance from employees, no rethinking necessary(like windows explorer – all windows functions available

  • easy and time-saving installation at lower costs

  • no data loss (manageable)

  • You are always informed and miss no change. All documents whether PPS/ERP, CAQ, OFFICE, CAD and e-mail data are managed centrally. ALL team members always have the same document state thus enabling high savings potential

  • Automated reports to a fixed point of time on your desk and at your employees!

  • Automatic storage and archiving of documents e.g. accounting , goods entry etc. 

  • directly from PPS/ERP, CAQ, CAD, Office, E-Mail systems or scanners into the database

  • manageable, optimizes and simplifies internal processes, temporal flow monitor

  • protected access from home or on the go

  • optional hardware protection (USB-Drive)

  • professional search function helps to find older or archived data in a short time.


Screenshots DMS