Experienced specialists ensure the problem-free implementation of QUIPSY CAQ systems in your IT infrastructure

The problem-free integration of CAQ software in complex systems requires excellent project management in the same way as with any IT project. Our project managers are familiar with the conditions required to achieve a successful project. The objective of all our projects is always to reduce costs or extend functionality. Other objectives are agreed within the framework of project workshops and the associated milestones.

In defining the project, we take account of the overall IT strategy within the company organisation. The next stage is to consider the processes to be clarified, documented and implemented. The customizing facilities in QUIPSY make it possible to implement in the best possible way the improvements which are found in the management of the project. Professional project management uses concentrated technical expertise to meet your expectations and ensure the success of the project.

Permanent reporting and constant fine-tuning with the customer and the personnel directly involved bring the project on course from the initial phase and ensure stable progress. In this context, our project managers set themselves the goal of executing the project at a maximum level of productivity, to the benefit of the customer.

After the project has been completed, the project manager remains responsible for it and will check progress with the project at regular intervals. At the end of a project, the QUIPSY customer has a CAQ environment which suits his needs, as well as processes which help him carry out his daily work more quickly and securely, thus achieving significant competitive advantages-.

The use of professional project management is never so rapidly visible as with QUIPSY CAQ projects. The total achievement of existing requirements and secure implementation of functions, even in complex installations, make QUIPSY project management perfect. With professional project management, the introduction phase for the CAQ system is significantly reduced and activities directed on the right track. The result is high productivity with low risk.