» Overview of all control plans
» User-friendly – extremely easy to operate
» Status: New / Process / Release /
   Provisional Release / Quarantine
» Prototype, pre-production and
   full production
» User management
» Access to old issue levels
» Historical record of the control plan
» Search functionality
» Copy function

From prototypes to full production - the perfect documentation for your products

QS-9000 and ISO/TS 16949 demand comprehensive documentation of the monitoring of products and processes. The QUIPSY control plan enables the user to produce documentation in accordance with standards, covering all the process operations in all the phases of development of a product.

The system covers the three phases of product creation : prototypes, pre-production and full production. Test / inspection plans which already exist can be used as forms in drawing up a control plan.

Changes to the QUIPSY Control-Plan have a direct effect on the test / inspection plans and vice versa. This is achieved by a direct link to the test / inspection planning module. Taking the QUIPSY FMEA matrix it is possible to extract a number of lines from the Process FMEAs to create a control plan. The characteristics are generated from the work operation and can be extended as required in the QUIPSY control plan.

An assistant function is provided for generating the various test/inspection plans (GI, SPC, GO, ISIR). This supports the facility through to the final test/inspection plan and makes the process much easier. QUIPSY CPL can also be used without the FMEA module.