Test equipment management

» User-friendly, simple interface
» Graphic showing test equipment status
» Test equipment can be issued and returned
   at the push of a button, with full issue history
» Management of checking dates and history
» Reporting system with freely adaptable forms

Quick and easy management of all test/inspection equipment, with extensive assessment features and sort functions

QUIPSY PMV is used to manage and monitor test/inspection equipment. By registering all such equipment as it is loaned out and returned, QUIPSY PMV not only tracks the movements of the equipment; it also automatically up-dates the history records for the equipment. Graphic assessments display changes in the quality of the equipment and indicate any weak points which may develop.

The integrated form editor allows a wide range of reports to be generated and printed. In association with other QUIPSY modules, QUIPSY PMV will report when a piece of test/inspection equipment must be re-checked or re-calibrated.