Checks on outgoing goods

» Design individual layouts
» Print preview
» Integrated graphic elements
» Reports can be divided into different zones
» Printing multiple-column lists and labels
» RTF format support for text attributes in item texts
» Export to Excel from print preview

Easy-to-use tool for individual layouts to quality-related documents

QUIPSY CAQ incorporates an unusually powerful and flexible tool for preparing documents. Report-Editor offers many ways of creating individual layouts for forms, reports, documents and test reports. It links the contents of data-banks with graphic elements in a unique manner and can be used for any type of documentation and reporting function. A print preview allows the user to zoom in and out, to scroll up and down and to export data to Excel. The ODBC interface links Report-Editor to any data-bank with ODBC access.

Report-Editor can be used for QUIPSY modules from the advanced quality planning, quality assurance, measurement data-logging and test/inspection equipment sectors. This guarantees a high level of data integrity, combined with flexible application.