Evaluations / Assessment

» qs-STAT inside guarantees the integrity of the metrics provided
» Answers at the click of a button
» Fine-tuning assessments on the „top-down“ principle
» All data can be called up and evaluated in seconds
» Process analyses, quality reports, Pareto, etc.
» Support for regular analyses
» Over 100 pre-constructed assessments

Total analysis of all quality data

The assessment functions integrated in QUIPSY CAQ offer a wide range of possibilities when consolidating your quality data in different forms.

At the click of a button, pre-constructed analyses can be called up and displayed in seconds. Statistics are produced as required and in accordance with all the rules. qs-STAT inside guarantees the quality of statistical forecasts. Monthly assessments, ad-hoc evaluations, reports and lists – all these can be created quickly and easily.

Refining and splitting metrics in accordance with the „top-down“ principle make it possible to surf graphically through the quality situation.

When combined with comprehensive filter and sort functions, QUIPSY CAQ represents a powerful tool which will present you, quickly and reliably, with the quality situation in your organisation.