Measurement station

» Measurement data can be entered using
   electronic measurement equipment
» Visual feedback of test results to the user
» CpK display during measurements
» Flexible, adaptable screen display
» Integrated image processing
» Display of documents such as inspection
   instructions or drawings
» Supports inspection equipment with
   several sensors per characteristic
» Works with scanners and touch-screens
» Optional links to measurement machines

Automatic inclusion of measurement data from measurement machines, production equipment and measurement islands

QUIPSY AUTOMESS is an extension module for QUIPSY MSP. Based on the specific equipment level, it may be necessary to obtain data from measurement machines, production equipment or automatic measurement devices. In particular, you can collect data which are generated in any case in the production area, store these data automatically within the context of quality data-logging and even monitor SPC stability criteria. Measurement machines, whether 2-D or 3-D and measurement data which you can manage digitally.

QUIPSY AUTOMESS collects these data automatically as a background function and attaches them to the relevant test/inspection order. If this is an SPC order, QUIPSY will compare the rules defined in the order with the data received and take action accordingly. The scope of this defined and automatic action can be anything from sending an e-mail, to the automatic shut-down of a complete production process.

QUIPSY AUTOMESS automatically generates monitoring-related data and forwards these to the appropriate locations. Providing maximum security at a comparatively low investment cost, QUIPSY AUTOMESS is an essential element in a comprehensive CAQ system.
The automated collection of process-related measurement and test/inspection data is an important requirement in CAQ projects. More and more production equipment already have integrated sensor systems to collect quality data. Signals from these can be fed into the standard QUIPSY data format, where they can be evaluated, processed and compared with other data.

QUIPSY AUTOMESS automates data logging and closes the control loop which generates productivity and quality. In addition, QUIPSY AUTOMESS handles the automated integration of measurement machines.

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