CAD data importing

» Stamping DXF, DWG and IGES drawings and texts
» Later stamping of drawings which are already stamped
» Transfer of stamped characteristics to
» Individual layout of drawings for stamping
» The stamped overall drawing is utomatically
   allocated to the ISIR
» Tables for characteristics which are not toleranced
» Transfer of additional characteristics
   not included in the drawing
» Free determination of stamping sequence

Automatic stamping of drawing data and transfer of data to QUIPSY EMPB/PPAP

The Infra-CONVERT module is a logical extension to QUIPSY EMP/PPAP. With this software it is possible to stamp automatically any drawings made available to you in DXF, DWG or IGES formats and to transmit data on characteristics to QUIPSY EMPB/PPAP. Here the data will be available for further processing – for example in test/inspection plans.

Infra-CONVERT is started from the QUIPSY display and offers many features which in future will make the stamping and logging of characteristic data in initial sample inspection reports very much easier.