Goods Inwards & supplier assessment

» Fully automatic test severity regulation
» Automatic reporting of defects and rejects
» Automatic generation of test orders from the
   ERP/PPS system
» E-mail advice if a delivery is rejected
» Recording of batch and tool-related information
» Re-evaluation of the inspection batch
» Pareto analyses of supplier and roducts; analyses
   of ABC suppliers ppm assessments and histograms
» Probability networks, etc.
» Article-specific comparison of suppliers

Effective checks on incoming shipments, with integrated supplier assessment to current standards and methods

Implementing QUIPSY CAQ as part of your incoming goods procedures brings the great advantage of reducing drastically the amount of checking and inspection, while at the same time increasing dramatically the stability of delivery quality.

Random sampling and dynamization procedures provide automatic support where a wide range of inspection procedures must be used for different suppliers. In association with an ERP/PPS system, goods requiring checks and inspection are prepared automatically in QUIPSY and, following successful feedback in the ERP/PPS system, are released for further processing.
In addition to the test and inspection results on the products received, general data regarding quantities and arrival times can be logged, together with additional information such as batch numbers. All the data recorded are immediately available for evaluation using statistical test procedures, Pareto analyses and other methods of calculation. The integrated supplier assessment system can be tailored for individual companies. The assessment matrix provides an overview, at a glance, of A/B/C suppliers and their associated quality metrics.

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